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I hope as you read the stories and reflections here, you’ll dare to imagine with me something better – a story where we all belong and where all may flourish.

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Guest content by Carla Sofia Vargas Sandoval

Hi, my name is Carla Sofía Vargas. I’m from Nicaragua and I’ve started an initiative that seeks to start conversations and spaces towards LGBTIQ inclusion in Central America’s Christian churches. Under my alias La Mechuda, I create content in Spanish & LGBTIQ resources for my Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and my website: I started the group J4 – an online community (for now, due to our socio-political situation) of LGBTIQ Christians in Nicaragua – in April. This year I was part of The Reformation Project’s Leadership cohort and I was also invited to be part of their annual conference by being part of one of their panels and by leading a workshop titled: LGBTIQ Christians in Central America: Realities, struggles, challenges, and advances from the heart of the continent.

If you would like to partner with me and be part of the work God is doing in Latin America, consider subscribing to my Patreon. I would love to have enough support to dedicate most of my time in the work of LGBTIQ inclusion in my region.

Thank you!


Sofía Vargas Sandoval


A note from Michelle…

I met Carla Sofia during the 2018 TRP Leadership Development Cohort program and have valued her perspective on inclusion and her commitment to working for justice at great personal cost. Currently, it is not safe for her to remain in her own country and she has sought asylum elsewhere. Please pray for her and the work she is doing, and consider offering financial support through her Patreon page.

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