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This website is meant to generate productive conversation about inclusive justice rooted in a Jesus-centered reading of the Bible. Please share questions, comments, ideas and requests.

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I am enjoying the first bit of snow in Tennessee while working on writing, speaking and resource development projects. If you’d like to connect about my work, please contact me. I’m taking requests and invitations to write, teach, preach, and facilitate discussions.

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The Redemption of Our Bodies

Reflections on Food for Healing People and Planet

By Kim & Michelle Morrow

Introduction by Kim

I love the quote from Glennon Doyle, “We can do hard things.” One of the hardest things in my life has been my relationship with food. Food is a love language in my family. All holidays and special occasions feature a full spread of Southern family recipes. Overeating is a form of praise; not doing so is an affront. Celebrating? Eat a congratulatory meal with dessert at the end. Sad? Bury those sorrows under some comforting food. Making and eating food is safer than feeling. Now, at 35 years old, I find myself overweight and suffering from at least two autoimmune diseases. Things are about to change.

Early this year, my wife, Michelle, and I cast a vision for a “flourishing life,” one lived in alignment with our values and goals. So, after three years of living in California, we decided to move back to Nashville where we hope to be able to make positive and lasting changes. One important goal we identified is restoring our health. Though we’ve learned a lot about the link between health and food justice, we’ve struggled to establish new patterns and consistently implement that learning.  That is what brings us to this blog series.

“The Redemption of our Bodies” will follow my journey of changing my relationship around food by using nutrition to restore the health I’ve damaged for the last 35 years. Michelle and I will both contribute posts documenting our food journey and reflecting on questions such as, “How can we utilize food to heal our body and soul as well as the earth?” We will include updates on my health, recipes we are enjoying, visits to local farms, sustainability tips, faith reflections, and thoughts on our successes, setbacks and growth. We hope that as you follow our journey, you will be inspired to reflect on your own relationship with food and its implications for health – yours, others and that of the environment.


Visit “The Redemption of our Bodies” series page.

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