Wholehearted Advent: The Way of Peace

On our journey through this season of longing for the coming Deliverer, we: cry out, giving voice to the suffering experienced under injustice; lift up those groans to the God who promises to be-there, demanding liberation; dare to celebrate the moments of light and life breaking through the darkness. In these last days of Advent, … Continue reading Wholehearted Advent: The Way of Peace

Wholehearted Advent: Practicing Joy

“Celebration is your spiritual discipline,” she said. “You are naturally drawn to prophetic literature, to lament; your eyes are open to suffering and injustice. So, you need to cultivate a spiritual practice of seeing the ‘already,’ the ‘first fruits’ – being present to and celebrating goodness in the now will be a discipline for you.” … Continue reading Wholehearted Advent: Practicing Joy

Wholehearted Advent: Groaning & Trust

Rather than jump ahead to Christmas celebrations, Advent slows us down. However, we short circuit the potential impact of this season if we treat it merely as a kind of delayed gratification technique for enhancing our consumeristic pleasure. Advent is not about increasing the satisfaction of Christmas festivities by counting down with excited delight. Last … Continue reading Wholehearted Advent: Groaning & Trust

Wholehearted Advent: Groaning & Hope

Advent is the season of the Christian liturgical year that plunges us into expectation and longing for a Messiah – both remembering the coming of Jesus celebrated at Christmas and looking forward to the promised second coming at the end of the age. In remembering and looking forward, we journey through this dark time (often … Continue reading Wholehearted Advent: Groaning & Hope