What I Do


I work with churches in processing beliefs, policies and practices related to LGBTQ inclusion.

Talking about sexuality and gender in your church can be overwhelming. Your congregation may have an unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule that discourages open conversation. Maybe official policy is outdated, vague or missing altogether. Your church may express outright hostility toward LGBTQ people. You might feel nervous about the conflict that could erupt over such a heated topic. You may not even be fully sure what you believe or have questions you are not sure how to process. Your concerns are real.

Also real is the pressing need for churches to honestly engage these conversations in ways that build trust, prioritize love, and foster faithfulness. No matter the reason or catalyst, churches are realizing that LGBTQ issues cannot be ignored, dismissed, delayed or given simplistic answers. Too many people have been and are being hurt by unhealthy, unexamined and/or unloving handling of these issues. There is a better way forward.

Whether you are a pastor, leader, long-time member or new attender, if you have questions or concerns about how much your church is or needs to be addressing LGBTQ issues, I am eager to help you.

For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, email me.


My goal is to create learning opportunities and resources that transform lives and communities, opening them up to greater flourishing. I am available to speak or teach for your church, group or organization on the topics of LGBTQ inclusion, biblical interpretation, theological ethics and spiritual formation. I am also available to preach, lead bible studies, and participate in other events. Email me for more information or to book me for your organization or event.

Seminars, courses and other learning opportunities will be offered online periodically.