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I hope as you read the stories and reflections here, you’ll dare to imagine with me something better – a story where we all belong and where all may flourish.

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What I Do

I am working for LGBTQ inclusion in Christian spaces as an educator, facilitator and guide for churches and other faith-based groups as well as individuals. In addition to my own experience of navigating my sexuality and theology, I am equipped by academic training in biblical interpretation and theology and have years of experience teaching, offering spiritual care and engaging in church life and leadership.

For Churches & Groups

Talking about sexuality and gender in your church can be overwhelming. Maybe your congregation has an unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule that discourages open conversation. Maybe official policy is outdated, vague or missing altogether. Maybe LGBTQ people or issues have been met with outright hostility. You might feel nervous about the conflict that could erupt over such a heated topic. You may not even be fully sure what you believe or have questions you are not sure how to process.

Your concerns are real.

Also real is the pressing need for churches to honestly engage these conversations in ways that build trust, prioritize love, and foster faithfulness. Questions about sexuality and gender cannot be ignored, dismissed or given simplistic answers. Too many people have been and are being harmed by unhealthy, unexamined and/or unloving handling of these issues.

There is a better way forward.

Having an experienced guide to help facilitate a process of discernment that fits your group and context, these conversations can foster new growth and life in your faith community. This is where I come in. I have a number of services to offer, including: study resources, online learning opportunities, consulting options for pastors/leadership, and facilitating a complete process of dialogue and discernment within your church or group. The first step would be to set up a time to discuss your needs and questions. From there I can suggest options suited to your context and you can decide the next right step.

For Individuals

When the path of faith becomes rocky and we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, we can feel isolated and disoriented. Do you have questions you feel you cannot raise in your faith community? Maybe you have shared questions but have been met with disapproval, dismissal or silence. Where do you go when it does not feel safe to process new thoughts, doubts or pain at church, in bible study or at the dinner table? Some people leave the church. Some people leave their faith.

I’m here to support you as you navigate your path, helping you traverse difficult terrain and authentically chart your way forward, especially if you are part of the LGBTQ community or love someone who is. Within the structure of a mentoring relationship, I want to offer you a place to ask questions, explore your beliefs and cultivate a more integrated life. The first step would be to make an appointment so I can provide you with the information you need to see if utilizing my mentoring services would be a good fit for your needs.

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